Monday, August 15, 2011

Symbols and Longevity


This table speaks volumes. I ran across this study done at the University of California San Diego last week. They don't know how and they don't know why, but people with "positive connotation" initials live longer-- much longer-- on average than people with "negative connotation" initials. And they've got all the proof to back it up, here.

So for the love of Pete, don't give your kid shitty initials.

And while we are on the topic of symbols and longevity... In medieval art, the stag beetle represented mortality. And I happened to be at The Getty museum in Los Angeles on Saturday and happened across my favorite Albrecht Durer (German, 1471–1528) painting of the stag beetle-- the same one that inspired my most recent tattoo.


And the stag beetle necklace found in a strange shop of natural curiosities on a back street in Munich... I spotted it and my dear sister got it for me for my birthday back in 2008.


It's a recurring theme.

And finally, since it's not a decent post without a cat picture, here's Cookie, the light of my life.


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