Friday, January 13, 2012


Months ago, I was invited to intern under celebrity stylist, Djuna Bel, for an Elle mag shoot of Gina Carano (promoting her new movie Haywire) in Hollywood. It was a very educational experience. The biggest lesson I got from it was the realization that I never, ever, ever want to be a part of the LA fashion industry.

But something a little cooler was learned only after the image ran.


US Elle January

All morning long, we prepared a wardrobe room full of fantastic clothes. We did a 10K pull at Barneys and added it to the dozens of beautiful garments already pulled-- knit high-waisted knickers, chunky cable sweaters, leather jackets and dainty diamond necklaces. All of it seemed to make Gina kind of uncomfortable. She's an athlete, afterall, an MMA fighter. We shoot all day long, probably did 7-8 wardrobe changes. At the end, Gina spotted an old tee shirt, a Harley shirt, that was draped over a rack-- it had been left behind by someone and had been in the room when we got there to set up our million-dollar, label-heavy, big-house-designers, "credit"-targeted warbrobe selection.

Everyone waffled and no one told her no.

So she put on the Harley shirt and look at how natural the image turned out.

Sometimes you gotta just let things happen, folks. Just let people creatively collaborate, let the vibes flow and loosen up. Serendipity made this image as beautiful as it is. It was an old, worn-in shirt forgotten in a corner and I bet the owner sorely misses it. It was a good shirt.


  1. Seriously, the amount of money people waste doing things like a campaign shoot in fiji that looks like it was shot in laguna (this happened once to the company i work for. note: if your going to do a shoot on a beautiful and colorful island, dont make it closeups on the sand in black and white. your totally wasting your money, especially if your based in southern california and there is plenty of sand to be shot).

    It doesn't take big money and big labels to make a good shoot, it takes a strong concept, a great photographer, and a model who is comfortable and happy (or really really sad, you know, if thats the kind of shoot your going for).

  2. What a very cool opportunity! And I don't blame you for not wanting to be a part of that scene.

  3. nothing turns out better than when you go with the flow. if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't.


  4. funny.....she didnt even need a stylist it seems....way to go head stylist hahaha