Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Found Minimalism

In minimalism, I have found joy and freedom.

Skull dish, West Elm
The Black Album, Hanif Kureishi (a stylish coming-of-age story of an Indian fellow in London in the 90's, at the beginning of the ecstasy-rave scene, surrounded by political turmoil and race tension)

Green Tea soap, Trader Joe's
Pacifica candle in Marzipan

I'm selling lots of Chanel goods on ebay, see link below.

New ink and old Aldo heels


Linen sweater, J. Crew
Booties, Steve Madden
DKNY Pure and Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer

My new mattress was delivered today.

Buy my designer and vintage shit on ebay, here.

I have been stricken by a desire-- a need-- to own less.  The clutter around me began to weigh me down. Physically and mentally.  I decided to sell, throw out or giveaway as much as I could.

I used to keep everything, especially vintage and designer clothes, with the idea that one day it would be precious to leave behind an incredible, stylish, vintage, priceless wardrobe to my daughters or granddaughters.  Then when I thought about how materialism and owning things is akin to shackles, I realized, why would I ever bring children into the world ALREADY burdened with belongings?  I will travel the world with them, enrich their lives, and if they choose to fill it material goods-- that is their choice.  I will not burden them from birth.

At first there were hefty culls, lots of unworn and unused went out.  Then deeper cuts were made-- "I love this, but when was the last time I used it?" It started with clothes and books and shoes-- things that take up space.  Once a little space opened up, I wanted more and more.  And I began getting rid of more, cutting deeper and deeper into my once-gripping materialism.  Now, my rule is that I should be able to live out of a suitcase.  And each and every item in that suitcase is perfect, high-quality and versatile.  And I will spend my money on consumables-- things that I will not take to the grave-- expensive candles, better wines, The New York Times-- or else on  timeless pieces-- a new leather jacket, diamond earrings-- or on travel.

For those that know me, this life-changing obsession has been accompanied by a self-enforced period of singledom and celibacy.  I'm not going to say it feels great, but it was much needed and you know what? It feels great. I am light, free, joyful and in my minimalism, I found the beginning of the path to enlightenment.

I own nothing and belong to no one.


  1. i love this! i try to do the same but find it difficult at times. changing your life is difficult and requires great strength to live the life you want for yourself so i commend you for that.

  2. This is very inspiring!! I am also going through a period of minimalism but find it quite difficult sometimes to part with my books!]

    Much Love

  3. That’s a pretty big mattress. Is that a queen or king size bed? I like how it fits just right in your room. I like it that way without a bed frame, because it enables you to sleep and move freely. I love your minimalistic style. ->Aniyah Bautista

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