Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Remember how I'm exchanging quantity for quality? Well it started with a few investment accessories.


Let me introduce you to my feather ring by Kate Szabone.  I got this ring custom made in rose gold with pink-lavender sapphires. Girl has gotta have her bling.


Speaking of bling-- that tiny yin yang charm is black and white diamonds set in 10K gold.  It was actually an earring I found on eBay but had a jeweler turn one into a charm and I strung it on a piece of thread. I'm pretty obsessed and it reminds me of how I feel about life, all of the zen and balance and preciousness.


And these are the Celine wedges I picked up at Barneys while in Seattle. They're olive green suede with a velcro latch on a chunky espadrille wedge heel. They're absolutely perfect and so comfortable.


I've already sold more than my wardrobe and I'm still not done.  And let these treasures begin a minute collection of quality items so that I may live out of a single suitcase and remember that none of these things will go past the grave.  I will focus on an ascetic approach to aesthetics and materialism and let travel be my gluttony.


  1. I love the feather ring, it's so beautiful :) xx

  2. I've been considering this for a very long time, you might have just been the inspiration I needed well you and some rose gold that is


  3. the feather ring is lovely1 :)


  4. ahh wise words. i have been doing similar things in my life, buy investment pieces when i can or not buy at all. walking away from things you think you can't live without is easier than i thought. i traveled to kenya a few months ago and it SO much into perspective, and really was a life altering trip for many reasons that i won't get into... anyways, great blog :)

  5. the delicate rings are beautiful!
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